About Davie Celeste

Davie Celeste is an artist, educator, entrepreneur, and healer.  Her passions include writing, education, experimenting with music, storytelling, reading young adult novels, and finding new ways to be creative. She currently resides in Hawaii where continues her work in Education and the Creative Arts. 

Davie Celeste graduated from the Duke Ellington School of the Arts as a Literary Media major with a commitment to being a lifelong student and writer.  She is currently working on a fictional novel and is interested in publishing a series of memoir essays.  She is also a songwriter, with an EP’s worth of work she looks forward to introducing to the world, one of these days. 

When she spins, Davie Celeste goes by DJ Wanderlust.  When her school decided to switch to distance learning during the pandemic, Davie knew that prom would be cancelled. She decided to try her hand at DJing in hopes of offering her students music breaks or dance parties while they were navigating the spring semester.  It brought her so much joy, she started doing virtual sets, and the rest is history.  She often jokes that she started booking gigs by accident, but she doesn’t believe in coincidences.  DJ Wanderlust has a ear for dope blends and she isn’t afraid to use it. 

Davie Celeste has over ten years of school-based experience in the field of Education and over twenty years of experience as a Private Instructor.  She attended George Washington University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in English and later returned to complete a Master of Education in Secondary Education and Special Education.  Davie is also a Fulbright Scholar (Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms) who, during her fellowship, traveled to India to study how learning differences/disabilities are recognized and navigated in different corners of the country. She is a firm believer in the idea that all education is special education, and is passionate about helping students learn how they learn. She currently serves as her school’s High School Learning Support Coordinator. 

Davie Celeste is the founder Free Your Soul & Mind Incorporated, a nonprofit that provides creative spaces for creative thinkers through networking, mentorship, scholarship, and artist residencies.  Her organization manages The Ricky Battle Scholarship which, to date, has been awarded to 11 scholars. 

Davie is also the Founder of Yarborough Educational Solutions LLC, which provides individualized, student- centered educational support for navigating in-person and/or virtual learning through educational consulting services, academic coaching, and curriculum design. She believes that all education is special education, and looks forward to helping students and their families bridge the gap between traditional education and at at-home learning, whether that be through distance learning or homeschooling.

Davie Celeste is a Certified Reiki II Practitioner.  While she is open to accepting clients, her practice is currently centered around her interest in serving: 
1) Individuals in hospice; and
2) Black and Indigenous activists. 
You can learn more about requesting her services here.

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